History of MM Hope House Inc

History of MM Hope House Inc.

The Journey.

Marlene Lemons loves people, she enjoys mentoring young women.  It has always been a passion of hers to teach young women.  Marlene dropped out of school at an early age and became a housewife.  She had two sons. She later went back to school and received her GED in 1979, AA Degree in Biblical Theology in 2007, 2011, she received her BA Degree in Leadership Administration in, and in 2015 she received her Master’s Degree in Public administration. 

It is her desire to teach other young women to get up and go forward.  Marlene started out in her home in 1990 having women meetings once a month called sisters helping sisters.  That gave women an outlet to talk about the pain they had inside and realize they were not alone.  If one person made it through the storm of life they too could come out of their situation; understanding where they are and being enlighten with a greater understanding that where they presently resides do not necessarily means that it is their final destiny.  One mistake do not have to keep you from reaching your full potential.  It was a dream of hers of starting a women’s shelter to help young women reach their potential. 

MM Hope House emerged out of her passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

MM Hope House was incorporated at the Secretary of State Office on 12/28/ 2004 by Evangelist Marlene Lemons to provide services to the community.

On 5/14/2010, MM Hope House received its 501c3 determination letter of approval from IRS

The purpose for which the corporation was formed was to enhance the quality of life for those that are without hope through providing educational and social services.  Our services will bring more meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding life to our participants.

Legal Officers were:

Evangelist Marlene Lemons, President, Email: mglemons3660@gmail.com

Danielle Garrett, Secretary

Mary Garrett, Treasurer

Elder Larry Lemons, Board Member

Mr. Bernorsey Lemons, Board Member

Mrs. Lizzie Collier, Board Member

Elder Larry Head, Board Member

Pastor Charles Davis, Board Member

Marilyn Whitlock, Assistant to Exec. Director

2005 Evangelist Marlene Lemons, Larry Lemons, Geowwiannio Lemons, Bernorsey Lemons, Lizzie Collier, Ethel Clark & Denise Lemons started out feeding the homeless at Mount Zion Church located at 222 Flat Shoals Rd., Atlanta, Ga.  30317; accompanied by the pastor of Mount Zion Church, Pastor Jack Mitchell and his wife Sister Mildred Mitchell.  We feed the homeless once a month for about 2 years and later begin to feed twice a month until 2010.  Later, they were joined by Mrs. Winifred Davis & Mrs. Karea Evans.

Evang. Marlene Lemons, Marilyn Whitlock, Ursula Garrett, Shirley Carter, LaQuetta Walker worked diligently on policies and procedures, in the home of Evangelist Marlene Lemons recruiting volunteers and others to assist while she worked out of her home on the structures until 2010.  The last week of September 2010, Evang. Marlene Lemons rode down Candler Road, Decatur, Ga. looking for buildings.   She spotted a building at 1711 Candler Road, Decatur, Ga.  30032; contacted the owner paid the deposit and moved in on October 1, 2010.  United Way 211 came out for a site visit in the month of December, 2010 and MMHH were approved to partner with them for referrals for clothing only.  Later MMHH were approved for partnership with Atlanta Community Food Bank to get food.  Referrals for MMHH services poured in due to the partnership with United Way.

On January 8, 2011, some of the volunteers and Evang. Marlene Lemons decided they wanted to do more to help the disadvantaged people in their community.  The opportunity became available for them to attend classes with Georgia Piedmont College Office of Adult Literacy Education and to certify their site as a Certified Learning Center and to become certified GED Teachers; Marlene Lemons, Winifred Davis, Karea Evans, Denise Lemons, and Keshia Sharpe all attended the GED classes. 

In February 2011, MMHH begin their GED Prep Classes.  The building immediately became too small for the services they were providing.  Sister Winifred Davis and Evang. Marlene Lemons again begin searching for larger buildings.  In January 2012, MMHH moved to Memorial Bend Office Park, Decatur, Ga.  providing services to over 741 clients.   They were later offered to use the facility owned by the United Pentecostal Church, located in McDonough, Ga. The building had been sitting up without use for many years.  

In December 2012, Evang. Marlene Lemons & Sister Winifred Davis begin renovating the building. Marlene Lemons, Winifred Davis, Karea Evans, Michael Garrett, Larry Lemons, Geowwiannio Lemons, Bernorsey Lemons, Bishop Herman Barber, Jeffrey Turner, John Berry was the main people that renovated the building along with others that helped out. 

On June 1, 2013, the Grand Opening was held for the re-opening of the building; home now to Miracle Mission Hope House Inc. 

MM Hope House has come a long ways and they are very grateful; looking forward to impacting more lives and making a difference in the communities in a very impactful way.

May God continue to strengthen, bless and keep MM Hope House staff and volunteers in his will.