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Want to set up a Memorial Fund to give a scholarship or grant once a year in honor of your love one. Please answer following questions?

(example In memory of; In Celebration of, Legacy of)
(example- scholarship or grant to help disadvantaged low-income families, cancer survivors, education, diabetes survivors)
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    Your loved one made a difference and their legacy will too.

    Your life was a blessing!

    Your memory a treasure

    You are loved beyond words

    And missed beyond measure!

    When someone you love becomes a memory

    The memory becomes a treasure


    Death leaves heartaches

    No one can heal

    Memories are treasures

    No one can steal

    Some may forget you

    Now that you are gone

    But we will remember

    No matter how long

    You will always stay

    In every way

    No tears, no verse can

    Ever say,

    How much we miss you

    Every day!


    (example: “Inspire” For a Cause in Memory of Larry J. Lemons)

    Donor of Fund is responsible for getting all pictures and write up of love one.

    Unless requested to give more each client for the year will be awarded $1,000 scholarship or grant.

    The money can go to disadvantaged families, a cancer survivor, to loq-income students to further education, or entrepreneurial. That said; the money cannot be given to family, or to employees of Miracle Mission Hope House.

    That will be determined by the donor unless the donor gives Miracle Mission the right to choose recipient.  All scholarship recipients should report the award as a scholarship/grant on their annual tax return.

    Miracle Mission Hope House Inc./ Memorial Fund

    Donations are accepted online via PayPal and by mail. Each donation is processed by Miracle Mission Hope House Inc, deposited into the Wells Fargo bank account associated with the fund, and then entered into our accounting system. We issue a donation receipt to each donor and then send monthly donation reports.

    Miracle Mission keeps a data base of all donors that will be distributed monthly.

    Yes, The Memorial Account is separate from other accounts; account is opened at Wells Fargo and is maintained by Miracle Mission Hope House Inc…

    Unless under special circumstances, No. All donations should be routed through the Miracle Mission Office, either by sending checks 466 Simpson Street, McDonough, Ga. 30253 or by online donation. This enables the accounting office to keep excellent records. If it is a matter of cash donation, or if a deposit is to be made following a fundraiser, donations directly to the account can be made with special documentation instructions.

    Your fund will be a division of Miracle Mission Hope House Inc.  While it will not be a separate nonprofit organization, it will run as a separate fund under your administration and our management. The fund can receive all the benefits of a 501©3 nonprofit.

    The only thing that you would need to file with your usual tax returns is a receipt for any donation that you make to the fund. Receipts are provided to you by Miracle Mission Hope House and allow you to deduct your donations from your taxes.

    You supply the pictures, the narrative, and the idea of where you would like funds to go. You are also responsible for fundraising and deciding how to distribute the funds via scholarships and grants. The startup cost and annual administrative fee are tax deductible.

    Our web designer will work diligently to build a custom site that meets all of your needs.

    The annual administrative fee for this service is $750. (Website designer, and other costs related to building and development of project outline)

    Yes there is. We have a contract and two forms that are emailed to you. These clearly define the form and function of our services and agreement.

    Yes, as long as the fund has a mission of helping others, we are generally amenable with whatever you choose. The one exception is “self-dealing” — we are not allowed to give money to our family members as this is considered a violation of the integrity of the fund per the IRS.

    Typically, scholarships are paid directly to the school. This ensures the funds are being used for educational purposes. In certain circumstances, the fund administrator elects to pay money directly to a student for a separate use such as housing, travel expenses, etc.

    Yes. In the case of scholarships and grants being paid directly to a nonprofit or academic institution this is enough. If money is requested to be paid directly to an individual, we will request a written report on the person contact information and how this money will be used. In special (limited) circumstances, we may request receipts so that we can prove to the IRS that money’s were spent in a charitable manner.

    Scholarships or distributions are made once a year; however, there is no set limit on the amount of distributions that can be made. If you desire more than one scholarship a year to be distributed we will have to have it in writing and you are responsible for making sure the funds are in the account.

    Once we receive the signed contract and the startup fee has been paid, we can typically set up accounts in 48 – 72 hours. This includes opening the Wells Fargo savings account, building the website, and the ability to accept online donations using PayPal Donation.

    You should find everything you need on the website. All forms and documents are available here.

    Yes – You can use a credit card to pay for your startup fee online here.

    15-50.  The more pictures the higher the cost.

    Videos can be up to 45 minutes long

    Yes, a grant can be given in memory of a love one at the request of the donor.

    Eligibility is determined according to donor’s instructions. (Example funds to go to a cancer survivor will have to bring documents from a doctor showing length of treatment, condition, etc, proof of income, and what they would do with funds if chosen as recipient.

    Newspaper, Chamber of Commerce, Flyers, Radio Stations, Word of Mouth, Facebook Page, Mass mailings, general donation solicitation, potential corporate donors, community foundations, service organizations, or other community resources

    Fund “Hope” For a Cause in Memory of Larry J. Lemons


    Marlene Lemons is organizing this fundraiser.

    I didn’t think it could happen, but it did. I’m 61 years old and I survived the most devastating time of my life when I lost my husband at the neglect of the staff at the hospital in 2020.

    He was 67.

    His name is Larry James Lemons, a passionate, loving, caring and giving human being. By God’s beautiful design, we met. I’ll never forget it; the most exhilarating time of my life. The flame was lit and he captured my heart. He declared I would be his wife even before it was known by us that it could really be.

    I became his wife at a very early age.

    What followed was perhaps one of the most cherished experiences of my life. We were married and had two wonderful sons and later were blessed with 10 grand-children and 3 great-grands. I feel honored that I was able to share his life for 45 years from a very early age until the day he died at age 67. My life was filled with many days of joy and laughter; able to share in Larry’s life, share his good, bad and difficult days; until such time as the Pandemic entering our society stopped me for being by his side and he had to suffer alone in the hospital at the hands of the hospital’s associates.

    Larry purchased our first 2-bedroom home in 1975. He purchased a second family home with 5 bedrooms in 1995. We lived in Ellenwood, Ga. until his passing. Larry worked as a manager in retail for 40 years. He was determined to make sure his family was well taken care of despite many times not making enough money to meet all his expenses. He was such a compassionate and loving person. He worked hard and struggled to take care of his family but was always willing to put his money into the church and a nonprofit organization to help others reach their full potential in life. He donated his time and money to Miracle Mission Hope House to help disadvantaged families to relieve their hungry stomachs and bring more fulfilling and rewarding life to those that were less fortunate. He didn’t ask for a lot and was always willing to give his last to help others in any way he could. He was the major supporter of Miracle Mission Hope House Inc. He stayed in the background but was the rock behind Miracle Mission Hope House. What so many take for granted was never taken for granted by him; he just enjoyed the things that were most important, which was family and making sure his family along with everyone else in the community had food, and clothing. He enjoyed working, going to church, and family. He was a faithful and trustworthy man with integrity. He went to work, worked all day and returned home only to freshen up and walk right back out the house to be at church 3 times a week for years up until retirement.

    I’ve created this MEMORIAL FUNDRAISING in memory of Larry to honor his memory and legacy to help other individuals and families in the Community to have a chance for a better life by giving them the opportunity to work, go to school, or get back on their feet. It starts small. A simple act of kindness, but it can ripple out and create an ocean of prosperity in the world.

    The first step is to get a family basic needs covered and to get them working. Right now there are many families that are without the necessity, a place to live.

    I met the Reece family, a family of six (6). They called me for assistance with Hotel stay because they were homeless, a disabled child, spouse having a hard time, they are not asking for a hand out but a hand up. Just want the basics of life, a place to lay their heads, food, and clothes to put on their backs. The husband is looking for a job but until then he is doing side work to make ends meet. Although money is coming in; it takes every bit of the money to live in the hotel. The mother is very distraught, she has a disabled child that is in crisis and she is having to struggle in a hotel without all the necessities for her disabled child. Until he starts a job, the husband says he cut grass and performs odds and end jobs to get the necessities that are needed. So my hope is to raise enough money to get the Reece family back on their feet in Loving Memory of Larry Lemons.

    I believe there are a lot of compassionate people out there that can and would love to help this family! Thank you everyone in advance!! God bless you all!!!!)

    Right now, The Reece family is living in a hotel, in desperate need of a home, food, and clothing. Not lazy people just people going through a very difficult time.

    Any funds donated in honor of Larry Lemons up to $5,000 will be donated to this family; other donations will go to Miracle Mission Hope House programs for other families.

    Right now, they live in silence; they really have nothing other than each other. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

    But here’s where you can make the biggest difference: monetary donation, if you have a job or home, or words of encouragement for this family – this can change the course of their life. Their spirits are nearly broken and will take some mending. The mother said to me, “I have never been so downgraded, belittled, and looked down on in my life. Somehow instead of encouragement when people are down others seems to get joy out of kicking them down further and making them feel worse than ever. They are down on their luck and needs encouragement and kindness from friends, associates, and others to help heal these wounds. If you can help with monetary donations this family will be so grateful!

    It’s so rare that we get an opportunity to affect so much change on one’s life. I think back to how many people poured into my life with their generosity, time, money, encouragement, and it brings me to tears. The impact that those people had on my life can never be measured. I am so grateful for the lives we share with one another, so grateful for each and every one of God’s children. I cannot thank you enough for caring about other people. This is a chance for hope to be restored, and you can make it possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

    P.S. Please don’t think that any amount of money is too small. Honestly, any amount is helpful. You shouldn’t feel you have to give a whole lots, if you cannot afford it. A little goes a long ways when you do not have anything. I believe there are enough people who care about The Reece family and their cause that, we will pass the goal easily.

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